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The Obsession Formula Review – Adam Lyon’s Obsession Formula PDF Explained

The Obsession Formula Review – Adam Lyon’s Obsession Formula PDF Explained


Searching for the obsession formula users’ review? Obsession formula does it work? Does obsession formula PDF worth its prices? What are the advantages of obsession formula manual? What are the disadvantages of obsession formula ebook? What is the suggestion of those that bought obsession formula PDF download?

These are questions I asked myself when I was introduced to obsession formula PDF by a friend as the best guide that reveals how to attract and date any woman of my choice. As the name implies, it contains top dating secrets on how to make a woman obsessed with you.

Before I go into Adam Lyons obsession formula details, let’s take a look at the at the fact sheet.

The Obsession Formula Fact Sheet

Product Name: The Obsession formula

Author’s Name: Adam Lyon

Official Website: Click Here

Price:                  $67

Refund Policy:   100%, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Rating:                9.5/10

Bonus:                Fantastic

Product Format:   Video Series and PDF
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What Exactly is The Obsession Formula PDF?
The obsession formula is a top dating guide for men developed by Adam Lyon that reveal how to move out of friendship zone with any woman and make her obsessed with you. The obsession formula is scientifically proven to work on every woman that comes in contact with the man that knows the formula.

How to Use the Obsession Formula
There’s an introductory video to watch first, followed by a video explaining the core theory and then one on the practical application of this theory. So, start by watching those three videos in order, and from there you have a bit more freedom in how you want to use the program.

There are also written transcripts provided for each of the videos if you’d prefer to read those. However from what I saw there were so many mistakes in these that I strongly suggest you ignore them altogether and simply focus your attention on the videos.

One thing Adam suggested in obsession formula manual you can do before trying to make women obsessed with you is using this on yourself to make yourself obsessed with learning and practicing this stuff. He details how you can flood yourself with dopamine by going out and being social, which will, in turn, make you love doing that.

Adam talks about three different obsession codes you can tap into, and each of these has a theory video explaining the idea behind it and then a practical application video. There’s no order to these so you can choose which of the female obsessions you want to try to tap into and focus on that aspect.

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The three obsession formula codes found in the obsession formula member area are:

The Temptation fantasy (Merilyn Monroe)
The Chasing fantasy       (Cleopatra)
The Devotion fantasy     (Helen of Troy)
The temptation fantasy is the weird and revolutionary skill of revealing to a woman that you can satisfy her sexually. The temptation fantasy video is practical and real that it solves men problem on making sexual advances on women.

The temptation fantasy found in the obsession formula PDF is categorized into three section, that is the beginner's section, intermediate section, and professional section. The sexual advancement skills revealed by Adam Lyon in this part of obsession formula PDF download are superb and original.

The Chasing fantasy section of obsession formula video is all about presenting yourself as the only man that can satisfy her in all ramifications, thereby making her obsessed with you. This is the section from which Adam Lyon derived the name of the product “Obsession formula review.”

Adam spends much of the practical video here talking about ten things that make a man most attractive to women. So as men, if we rate a woman on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s going to be almost exclusively based on her looks. But women, he says, value each of these things so you can work out your attractiveness as a man by seeing if you can tick each one off.

The devotion fantasy is a skill found in the obsession formula video that teaches how to make a woman devote all her life to you. I love this section a lot because it worked for me like magic. My girlfriend is madly in love with me as if we just started dating today.

Obsession Formula Does it Work?
My personal experience shows that Adam Lyon obsession formula works for any man that heeds to instructions. Obsession formula is not a magic wand, therefore, requires dedication, persistence, and patient on the part of the user. Also, the obsession formula testimonies found at the official website show that thousands of men that have used the obsession formula video were satisfied with the result.

To further show that Adam Lyon obsession formula works, he promised his entire clients 100%, 60-day money back guarantee, which proves that it must work or you get full refund unconditional that is why it is exclusively sold on Clickbank secure server.

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The Disadvantages of Obsession formula review PDF

The guide did not explain in detail how to approach women. It is better used in an existing relationship be it casual or intimate. Though it has a section dedicated to how to get a girlfriend but the tips there are not as good as the one found at taoofbadass.com.

Obsession formula PDF is only available in video and PDF format, therefore cannot be found in hard copy. So, it is only available for instant download from the official website www.obsessionformula.com.

My Final Verdict:

The obsession formula worked for me and the testimonies found in the obsession formula review show that it works, therefore my final verdict is that if you need a healthy and happy relationship with your girlfriend or wife then download a copy of obsession formula PDF before Adam Lyon brings the link down as he vowed to do in the shortest period.

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